St. Willibrord Press & Media
Preserving Christian Knowledge Since 1967

“My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.” -Psalm 49:3

Karl PruterSt. Willibrord Press began in Zuni, New Mexico in 1967 and was started by Bishop Karl Pruter, the presiding archbishop of Christ Catholic Church. Seeing a great need, he began to publish material on Old Catholicism through St. Willibrord Press and it was distributed throughout the entire Independent/Old Catholic Movement. Bishop Pruter was a vigorous publisher and distributor of literature in his field of interest. He wrote “The History of the Old Catholic Church,” “Are You A Catholic Without Knowing It?” amongst a plethora of books, pamphlets and tracts.

St. Willibrord Press through its publishing activities became one of the best known of the Old Catholic publishers in the USA and a leading distributor of books and pamphlets within the larger Independent/Old Catholic Movement.

Not only did St. Willibrord Press handle the books written by Bishop Pruter but also books by other Old Catholics, and even some by the opponents of the movement such as Peter Anson, C.B. Moss, and Henry Brandreth. If you wanted books about Old Catholicism, the obvious source for scholars, students of the movement, and the curious was St. Willibrord Press. Bishop Pruter continued his work through St. Willibrord Press authoring many books until his death, November 18, 2007.

Prior to his death Bishop Pruter entrusted St. Willibrord Press to Bishop Brian E. Brown, the Abbot General of the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart and the Bishop of Christ Catholic Church Diocese of the Prince of Peace whom he had consecrated sub-conditionally September 9 of 2007. Bishop Pruter had served as the chaplain to the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart and the two colleagues had been close friends for years, ministerial associates, and they shared a similar vision and call to writing and publishing. They had worked well together on several projects over the years and so Bishop Brown, accepted Bishop Pruter’s appointment and vowed to continue his ministry and outreach through St. Willibrord Press.

Today St. Willibrord Press continues on in the tradition of publishing original and or hard to find or out of print Christian works including books on church history, liturgy, mysticism, Old Catholicism, peace, prayer, theology, spirituality, and much more. However, still at the core of St. Willibrord Press is the publication of the many books and pamphlets authored by its founder, Bishop Karl Pruter of blessed memory.